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i'm not dead [30 Jul 2010|04:10pm]

my beautiful harlow♥

so yeah. i haven't been posting. my bad. i've had to format my comp due to being hacked, and all my other screenies are on my laptop and i'm just too lazy to deal with them. so these are the only ones i've taken lately. if anyone even still reads this, i have 6 80's now? i think? but i'm on the verge of a b;urnout so not really playing much now :( blahCollapse )

until next time (in a year lulz)

...umm wat [18 Sep 2009|05:25am]
[ mood | confused ]

i swear i have updated since january 09.. is something wrong with you, LJ? sigh.


oh crap. +19 screenies~ [13 Jan 2009|04:38am]

why hello thar.

i apologize for not updating in months. i suck. so.. this starts back in very early october.. i decided i wanted to go back to horde after my shammy's guild died, once again.. i decided that i wanted to make my mage my main.. which was.. level 22 at the time.. :| so i leveled her.. with some help.. all the way up to 67.. day before the expanision, decided, nvm.. me and the boy will stay with the alliance. more money + better gears. -_- anywho..... vesku, my bb, my shammy, my everything... she is 80, part of a lovely guild and is in epixxxxx click for screeniesCollapse )

sm update (+9 screenies) [18 Sep 2008|04:06pm]

the only decent screenie last taken. perdy little viikadin @ nightbane.

ah.. yeah.. so i guess i haven't been taking many screenies since my last post. and i haven't been playing much again. i suppose i finalized my two alliance twinks, annikki 39 hunter and diagonelly 29 pally.. hit 70 on viikadin, did my first ever (lol) heroics on her.. anyway.. click for screeniesCollapse )

too much [26 Jun 2008|06:00pm]


DAMN. i dont think anyone reads this anymore, but still, i haven't updated in so long. been lazy. but i'm still playing. loser. :( anywho.. hopped guilds.. old one pissed me off on how they ran things... new one... is good.. but the times are bad for me.. sigh.. =\ and nobody likes my mage. oh.. and i finally got to leveling my lock, viikadin... transferred to elune w/my alliance mains @ 60, and is currently 63. anyway...... image heavy. click for screeniesCollapse )
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weeeeeeeeeee [07 Mar 2008|04:42pm]

"omg i can't get keyed!11" oh hay there, tier 4 helm. lol..

hahah @ my last post. wth.. that was only about 2 months ago, and now i have about 20 epics? l000ser. anyway.. did end up getting keyed w/o guild help, but no biggie anymore. =P so since i last posted.. been clearing kara, clearing gruuls, stepped into ssc and the eye (no boss down though).. lots of pvp to get my weapon and shoulders.. done now though... and finally decided to stop being a loser and picked up engineering and got it to 350 in just two days w/o paying more than 100g. =D click for screeniesCollapse )

70 ding + 15m screenies [20 Jan 2008|04:42pm]

oh hay, automatica.

its been a little over a month since my last update... vesku is now 70, automatica is 48. i is lazy. i am unmotivated to get her to 50, idk why. bleh! once again, @ 70, dreading joining a guild, cause of my turalyon bad luck. so i finally took a chance and joined one. "we'll help you get keyed tomorrow." has that happened? lawl, no. done most w/o the guild, only need the arc frag + bm. eww... and NO ONE wants to do arc. WTF. great, so now i'm stuck. for screeniesCollapse )
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nothing but draenei........ screenies +22 :x [14 Dec 2007|08:49pm]

sup. i haven't updated in 3 months, i'm sorry. i'm sure nobody cares though. D: my hordies on turalyon, i haven't played in a long time, due to my guild dying. sigh. so after that.. decided to stick to elune w/my draenei. try to distract myself. then i sort of didn't play for a few wks. started playing more regularly again within the last few wks... vesku #3 (shaman) is just about 63, and automatica (mage) is 34. click for screeniesCollapse )

fun times. why i use a icon of lamia, my first shaman....... i dunno. too lazy to make a vesku #3 one. :p

UPDATE!~ [14 Sep 2007|08:00pm]

x2 new things:)

reading my last lj post, moonblast was 51. she's 64 now. but i haven't played her in a few wks. haven't played any of my turalyon girls for nearly 2 wks now -_- kind of irrirated w/some stuff over there right now.. anywho! i got some new stuffs since i last posted, hit exalted w/sha'tari skyguard, tier 4 head token defaulted to me :p bleh. pretty much the only way i can "win" something in kara. anywho.. like i said, avoiding turalyon for the time being, i rolled a draenei (again) on elune. named vesku. sound familiar? :\ she's 28 shaman now. w0rd. click for screeniesCollapse )
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not much [04 Aug 2007|02:28pm]

lolz. i dismounted my flying mount.. but apparently.. i can still fly... er.. or swim.. >_>

did kara on both of my 70's, got an epic for each one, spell dagger on prince dropped and someone didn't act interested in it at all, but they got it anyway and broke my <3. blah. anywho. drani kinda hasn't been touched since hitting 19. i started leveling my blood elf mage instead :p enesspi (aka NSP--FFXI days).. ah.. moonblast is 51 now.. hehe thats about all i've done lately.. kara, daily quests, random leveling alts. fun. click for screeniesCollapse )
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oh.. hAI. so, so many screenies. [10 Jul 2007|04:23am]

so, so rude. :p

after bitching at myself for never posting... well, i did it again. idiot. so, here are 92385739286 screenshots. done quite a bit since the last time i posted. hit 70 on madejah. 375 tailoring x2. tyyne is now a twinkie. mmm... and tonight, made a draenei on a pvp server :X click for screeniesCollapse )

ding 70 x2 [10 Jul 2007|04:19am]

70! @ 6:41pm on 6.12.07

so i dinged 70 on my warlock. almost a month ago. and never posted it. i'm so lazy. :[ finished my frozen shadoweave set within a week or so. i'm impatient, what can i say?

60 + to many 20's [27 Apr 2007|07:01pm]

self explanitory. HAY GUYZ.

damnit. i absolutly need to make posts more often, cause i end up with WAYTOOMANY screenies. like last time, i have 2385738 again. so. to start, i don't think i've really touched vesku since she hit 70. sad... really sad.. madejah hit 60. and i forgot to take the ding shot. -_- tyyne is 29. she is going to be my twinkie in the 30's. i'm just holding her @ 29 for the time being. flaminia is 23. not doing much w/her. and my shammy lamia is 20 now. :D HEART TEH DRAENEI! moonblast is 44 now as well. hmm... click for screeniesCollapse )

think its time to take my be priest up. got all sorts of gear saved up for her. im lazy. :X

DING 70 [10 Mar 2007|03:47pm]

70! @ 2:08am on 3.10.07

yeah, i decided to seperate my lvl 70 ding shot from the other post. so there. :p flying mount funCollapse )

huge ass post (22 screenies) o_O err.. 22-3 [10 Mar 2007|03:14pm]

boobs. new healing tunic. hawt, huh?

KAY, after a week and a half break or so...... have done LOTS, but can't really remember what.. mostly stuff w/vesku though, cause she is now... 70! woot? moonblast hit 40. madejah hit 40. 40 warlock + paladin = free mounts. woot? uh. flaminia hit 22.. played various be alts.. and my draenei hit 16.. wish i could play her more, but she's a dumb ally. bleh. click for screeniesCollapse )

BIG screenie post! [31 Jan 2007|08:03pm]

moonblast, be pally... in desolace. ew. but pretty shot.

lots of stuff done. i took 3 days off last week, then was sick 2 this week. so yeah, i've had lots of free time to play and stuff. :X my priest is 62. and a quarter. my blood elf pally is 37. my undead warlock pvp'd for a little over 3hrs and had the AB defilers boots by the end of the honor update. took a blood elf hunter to 10 and a blood elf priest to 10. i think that was it................................... click for screeniesCollapse )

well im gonna go play.. hunter or priest atm.. or maybe work on my be mage who is going to replace my undead.. hahahhahha :O nah.. better work on the priest, her bank is full of cloth gear... and 9 blues... :X
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random stuff + tbc [19 Jan 2007|05:51pm]
[ mood | tired ]

in brd.. w/the monacle thingy equipped.. using that special tabard thing.. hahahha <3

damn. i havne't updated in over a month. SORRY. haven't played much afteralll though. i was planning on getting madejah (my undead lock) to 39.. but only took her to 38... and a half. haha.. before the expansion ** so, anywho.. i ran a couple strats.. with no luck from there, still no hat.. whatever, i guess. ran a scholo. oh wait, that got interupted again. :( did brd. ah... made many blood elves and a draenei :D visited outlands. fun stuff. lots of screenies up ahead.. just cause... i haven't posted in so long... KAY. clickCollapse )


will post more eventually. i have a 5 day weekend coming up... so lots of playing time then yayayyaya. later
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warlock + vesku #1 + #2 + newbie mage. [09 Dec 2006|04:33pm]

warlock robe @ 31. woo hoo

haven't been very productive since the last time i updated. madejah (my undead lock) is now 35 and haven't played her for a week or so now lol.. got to 35 mainly to use up all the cloth i had saved up for so long .. her tailoring is 252 (i think) now. yay. -- did first ever ubrs run on my priest.. dinged 39 on my pally.. made a newbie mage.. respecced everyone...... clickCollapse )
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update O_O [09 Nov 2006|05:31pm]

new video card. sexy.

thats my blood guard/legionnaire gear. and i gave up after that. about 3 weeks ago. i think i'm a blood guard now. maybe stone guard lol. whatever. :x i actually kept going a week after hitting legionnaire.. got 73% in i think? then was just like... whatever. i dont need the champion gear. :x although i would love to have it still. oh well. anywho. clickCollapse )

thats all for now.


... [10 Oct 2006|03:08am]
i made 98% into blood guard. pooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! >_< i went up from 35% up to that. why not 2% more? bastards....... i wanted my body/leg pieces. ugh.

got devout skirt today in strat. err.. yesterday.. *** and the mojo wand.. can't think of the whole name.. its on my ctprofile.. :P i will update w/pics later..

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